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For true chocolate lovers !

Have you ever wondered what being a chocolatier would feel like? Wait no longer! At Chocolissimo & Zaabär, every Saturdays, you can now create your own traditional Belgian chocolates with your friends, family or colleagues in our public workshops in the heart of Brussels.

In addition of the Saturdays workshops, each other public workshops will offer you the possibility to discover a new product showcased by our vastly experienced Chocolate Master (Ayat) and Cake Designer (Patricia). We offer a wide variety of courses at various skill levels that will allow you to dive into the fascinating world of chocolate and pastry.

Fancy learning how to make a perfect chocolate bowl? Some authentic Belgian pralines and truffles? Some fabulous pastries or amazing chocolate macaroons? Or maybe you simply want to become a chocolate expert? If your curiosity has been picked by any of the previous, this is the place to be.

Book online to enjoy a fantastic workshop. We will endear you to the wonderful world of chocolate! Children can organize their birthday parties, companies can organize private team building workshops or you can simply subscribe to a public workshop on Saturdays, to come and learn the lesson of the day with a group or random people reunited by their love for chocolate.

Patricia Lafargue
Patricia Lafargue
Store Manager

Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär

Discover the new Ruby chocolate !

Have fun creating your own unique chocolates using the finest ingredients at your disposal including a wide range of nuts and spices. The products you shall be making (lollipops, pralines, mendiants, truffles…) will of course be wrapped up by yourselves so that you can impress your friends and family with your chocolate creations and thus show off your newly acquired skills.

You will work four chocolate flavors including the three traditional chocolate flavors (dark, milk and white) and the latest addition being ruby colored chocolate. You heard that right, you can now make pink chocolate here at Chocolissimo & Zaabär. Now for those of you that are thinking that pink chocolate is artificially made, you are absolutely mistaken! Pink chocolate is 100% natural. It is the result of years of research and experimenting on various types of cocoa pods! For more information come discover this new breed of chocolate available in our store. You could, if you wish, be one of the very first to experience working with this upcoming new type of chocolate.

Chocolissimo & Zaabär

What you will do?

Become a true chocolate maker in about 1 hour!

We provide you everything you need including cookware, ingredients, recipes and of course the finest Belgian chocolate. With assistance from the beginning to the end you don’t need any previous chocolate making experience to attend our public workshops. Kids from 6 years accompanied by adults are welcome too.

Chocolate bars, truffles and mendiants

After a short introduction, we will go through the whole process, split into teams and start tempering the chocolate! Once the chocolate is at the right temperature, each participant will start crafting his own truffles and a chocolate bar.

We will also take some time to tell you more about chocolate, the theory behind making the best Belgian chocolates and what fair trade cocoa beans mean to us.

While everything are cooling in the fridge, you will learn how to make mendiants as well (crispy chocolate base with dry fruits).

A very special moment for chocolate lovers

Not to waste any chocolate, we will end the workshop by making real Belgian hot chocolate, an amazing drink that really taste like pure liquid dark chocolate heaven!

You can either eat your own chocolates on the spot or take them home to friends and family! Our workshops are organized in a way you can understand the basics of Belgian chocolate making and you will be able to make chocolates again at home!

Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär

How much does it cost?

We charge 35€ + 21% VAT per participant (42,35€).
There is no minimum of participants for our public workshop. You can book your ticket even if you are coming alone.
Timing: approx. 1 hour
Available on Saturdays only at 14h30

Full payment is requested at the booking time. In case of cancellation, no refund is due but the event date can be modified if it is requested at least 15 days before the scheduled date.

We are glad to give a 10% discount if you are booking a public workshop for more than 5 participants at the same time and on the same day. Use coupon ENGSPKWL10 at checkout.

An invoice will be sent to you by email once you book online. Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal, Bancontact or credit cards. Once the payment has been recorded by us then the booking is automatically confirmed to you.

Would you prefer to organize a private workshop and have a special moment with your friends, family or colleagues only? We can also host a private event for you every day from Monday to Saturday if you have a minimum of 5 participants. Each workshop starts with the basics of working with chocolate, and then you are working yourself by creating and decorating your own chocolates (truffles, pralines, mendiants and tablets). Read more about our private workshops, teambuilding events, bachelorette parties or kids birthday parties.

You can discover our list of public workshops and easily book your tickets using our online calendar.

Chocolissimo & Zaabär

We are working in partnership with Wonderbox, Vivabox, Bongo, Cadeaubox. Our public workshops can be offered as a gift using these boxes. If you wish to book a public workshop using a coupon issued by these partners please email us first.


Chocolate public workshop

Protect your clothes and stay clean

The participants can buy an apron with our logo embroidered on it before starting the workshop. It will protect their clothes during the workshop! Complete with adjustable neck strap and a robust embroidered design that will not crack or peel, it is very high quality apron. We have two models, one for adults (10€) and another for kids (8€).

During the online checkout you will be offered to buy your apron(s) at a preferred price.

If you prefer, feel free to ask your guests to bring their own aprons from home so that their clothes stay clean. Plastic is harmful because it is ‘non-biodegradable’. For this reason, we do not provide anymore some aprons in plastic since 2018 to respect our environment.

Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär

Good to know...

All public workshops are organized at our own location in the heart of Brussels. (Tram Faider)
You and your guests can use our free private car park during the event.

We can welcome up to 90 persons at the same time in our public workshops.

We speak English and French during the workshops. We have also members of staff speaking Italian and German if necessary.

On the event day, the participants enjoy a -20% discount on our whole chocolate collection (Chocolissimo & Zaabär) available in store including the Choc&Play, ChocoTelegram and personalized products.

Keep in mind that chocolate melts at high temperatures. Therefore it is quite cold in the workshop because of the air conditioning.

At Chocolissimo & Zaabär we use Callebaut Chocolate for all our workshops.

Chocolissimo & Zaabär

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Our mission is to live a truly great chocolate experience and invite others to share our passion.


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