Chocolate workshops with walking dinner

Looking for a interactive team building for your team? Want to treat your colleagues or clients to an unforgettable activity? Then book an entertaining chocolate workshop at The Belgian Chocolate Makers, with a Brussels touch of course !

Our chocolate experts welcome you in our professional chocolate workshop in the heart of Brussels and will teach you all you need to know about Belgian Chocolate.

If you don’t need a corporate event with a walking dinner, you may prefer our teambuilding events without catering.

Chocolissimo & Zaabär

Everybody loves chocolate

If there’s one thing that unites you and your colleagues, it’s probably chocolate, so why not run a chocolate themed teambuilding and a fantastic walking dinner ?

If you are looking for a interactive teambuilding for your amazing team, then book a fun chocolate workshop at The Belgian Chocolate Makers.

Your colleagues will get stuck into playing with luxuriously messy melted chocolate and get crafty with creative designs, sprinkling chocolate truffles and generous chocolate bars. There’ll be delicious chocolate tasting and a whole load of handmade chocolate goodies to take home in pretty party bags. Show-off and share or eat them all yourself, either way you’ll be proud to have created such a delicious array of chocolates!

We can also add extra special touches (such glass of bubbles) to add to the fun. We’re always happy to help make a fabulously special occasion, so please do contact us to organize your teambuilding using the form below.

I am waiting to welcome you at The Belgian Chocolate Makers !

Patricia Lafargue
Patricia Lafargue
Store Manager

Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär

What you and your colleagues will do

Click here to download our leaflet about our workshops with walking dinner (in French and Dutch).

The teambuilding begins...

The guests will be welcomed with a glass of Champagne.

The teambuilding will then kick off with a demo, led by our chocolate experts (Mehdi, Patricia and Elisabetta). You’ll discover the tempering method and why it is so important to work with a tempered chocolate. You will taste some different chocolates including the brand new Ruby chocolate.

Messy chocolate making fun

After the demonstration and the tasting, it’ll be time to play with thick melted chocolate, cooling it down to the perfect consistency, ready to begin the fun. You’ll get creative as we show you how to make great truffles, mendiants, chocolate bars and even a chocolate bowl ! You’ll impress your colleagues with your unique designs and have fun with them.

Fresh truffle making

Next, the piping bags come out, as everyone will learn how to make tasty fresh cream truffles. You’ll team up with the person next to you to pipe your truffles and cut dip and decorate your luxurious handmade chocolate treats from rich ganache, milk chocolate fudge, giant fluffy marshmallows, melted chocolate with all manner of lovely toppings such as honeycomb, white chocolate flakes and strawberry curls.

Wrapping, bubbles and gifts

Everyone will leave with their chocolate creations, in ribbon tied bags, ready to take home and enjoy!

A tremendous photo of the happy group will be made.

If the option is selected by the person who organize the event, every participant of the teambuilding may also receive a wooden box full of our delicious Belgian pralines and engraved with your company logo and/or a personalized message (see example below made especially for an American Express teambuilding event)

American Express

Walking dinner

The walking dinner includes:

  1. Champagne Briaux Lenique
  2. Kir royal (cassis)
  3. Bunch of raw and seasonal vegetables with cold sauces Suitable for vegetarians
  4. Appetizers (3 per guest)
    • Smoked salmon under snow and chives on blinis
    • Carrot caviar bite caramelized with ginger and Cajun spices Suitable for vegetarians
    • Scampi mini skewer with sweet and sour sauce
  5. Hot appetizer spoons (3 per guest)
    • Crayfish with crunchy vegetables with coriander, cocktail sauce
    • Lamb balls with 5 spices
    • Saint Jacques tartufata on leek fondue
  6. Mini salted verrines (3 per guest)
    • Vegetarian seasonal vegetables with arugula pesto Suitable for vegetarians
    • Tabbouleh of quinoa, smoked duck, apple and roasted nuts
    • Small Piedmontese salad
  7. Mini sweet verrines (3 per guest)
    • Creme brulée with vanilla scent
    • Creamy chocolate and its crumble
    • Tiramisu mango passion
  8. Red wine (Merlot, Pays d’Oc, France)
  9. White wine (Chardonnay, France)
  10. Rosé wine (Cinsault Grenache)
  11. Still and sparkling waters
  12. Soft drinks with or without sugar (Coca Cola, Fanta, etc…)
  13. Grapefruit, orange, apple and tomate juices

The catering is provided by L’esprit gourmand.


How much does it cost?

We charge 95€ + 21% VAT per participant (114,95€).
There is a minimum of 15 participants for the chocolate workshop with walking dinner.
Timing: Approx. 3 hours


  • Champagne: Free of charge
  • Aprons: 10€ excl. VAT per participant
  • Personalized wooden box full of our Belgian pralines: 30€ excl. VAT per participant

Full payment is requested at the booking time. In case of cancellation, no refund is due but the event date can be modified if it is requested at least 15 days before the scheduled date.

We are glad to give a 10% discount if there are more than 20 participants at your event and a 20% discount if there are more than 30 participants.

An invoice is going to be sent to you by email after your booking. Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal, Bancontact or major credit cards using the Atos Worldline and Mollie gateways. Once the payment has been recorded by us then the booking is automatically confirmed to you. You will then receive your ticket(s) with a QR code that you need to bring with you when attending the event.

If you prefer, you can also book your event by visiting us at The Belgian Chocolate Makers. When you book your event in store you can pay by cash, Bancontact, Visa, Vpay, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

Great news! You can also pay your event using your Monizze meal vouchers, Edenred Tickets Restaurant and Sodexo Lunch Pass®.

Bubbles with chocolate ?

Although pairing Champagne with chocolate sounds natural, it can actually be quite a tricky pairing if you want to get the most out of it. The sweetness and bitterness chocolate sometimes causes it to clash with Champagnes. The sweetness brings out an acidic taste in dry sparklers. However, there are Champagnes that go beautifully with chocolate and we have selected a perfect one for you.

If you wish to share a glass of Briaux Lenique Champagne with your guests during the workshop, simply let us know when you book your event. We charge an additional 10€ per participant.

Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär

Protect your clothes and stay clean

The participants can buy for 10€ an apron with our logo embroidered on it before starting the workshop. It will protect their clothes during the workshop! Complete with adjustable neck strap and a robust embroidered design that will not crack or peel, it is very high quality apron.

During the online checkout you will be offered to buy your apron(s) at a preferred price.

If you prefer, feel free to ask your participants to bring their own aprons from home so that their clothes stay clean. Plastic is harmful because it is ‘non-biodegradable’. For this reason, we do not provide anymore some aprons in plastic since 2018 to respect our environment.

Chocolissimo & Zaabär

We have the experience...

Your company sets high standards. Your colleagues are demanding. Are you equal to the challenge? Experiencing teamwork activities during a workshop at The Belgian Chocolate Makers is an unique opportunity for colleagues to demonstrate their best qualities to the group. Every week we organize teambuilding events for agencies and companies including AbbottOrange, AltenMcKinsey, American Express, Celgene, Compass GroupOrangina Schweppes, Daikin, EntsoeTest Achats, EffaDeloitteSPF Finance, GSKEuropean Foundation Centre, Generali Employee Benefits NetworkFefana, UnicefLa cuisine de Floree.On, National Bank of Belgium, VolkswagenMerkator, Partena, Penta Hotels, ScanSource Europe, Solvay, TD Williamson, Spotify, European Commission, Procter & Gamble, Insurance Europe and many more…

Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär
Chocolissimo & Zaabär

Good to know...

All workshops are organized at our own location in the heart of Brussels. (Tram Faider)
You and your guests can use our free private car park during the event.

We can welcome up to 90 participants at the same time in our workshops.

The workshop includes coffee, tea, soft drinks and… chocolate of course. Everything the participants produce during the workshop (and not eat on the spot), will be taken home (in custom wrapping and packaging).

On the event day, all participants enjoy a -20% discount on our whole handmade chocolate collection (The Belgian Chocolate Makers) available in store. This discount is also available for the Zaabär chocolate collection, the Choc&Play, ChocoTelegram and the personalized products.

We speak English, French and Italian.

Keep in mind that chocolate melts at high temperatures. Therefore it is quite cold in the workshop because of the air conditioning.

At The Belgian Chocolate Makers we use Callebaut Chocolate during our workshops.


Do you know that you can also order our delicious homemade chocolates using the Deliveroo delivery platform if you are living or visiting Brussels? Week after week, we are adding more and more mendiants. broken tablets, pralines and truffles available to be ordered on Deliveroo.

Chocolissimo & Zaabär

Contact our team

Our mission is to live a truly great chocolate experience and invite others to share our passion.


If the thought of a chocolate themed teambuilding has got your taste buds tingling, then why not write to us?
We love to tailor workshops! Tell us about your event requirements. 🙂

We’re always happy to provide you with plenty more information on our birthday parties, hen parties, tourist and school visits, public and private workshops, teambuilding and chocolate tasting experiences. Ring us on +32 (0)2 533 95 80 or use the form below and we’ll be delighted to help.

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